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Reduta - bedroom
Reduta - living area
Reduta - kitchen
Reduta - bathroom

The apartment is studio and is located at Reduta borough (crossing of Velcho Atanassov str.). Is close to Poduene railway station, Sitnyakovo blvd., Madrid blvd., Music Academy, Military Academy. The studio offers: bedroom (with bed linen), kitchen(with an electric oven, refrigerator, dishes, washing mashine), living-room with couch and digital TV, bathroom(with bath and shower). There is a internet connection and air conditionind.


  • 1 night - 48 BGN / 25 EUR
  • from 2 tо10 nights - 45BGN/23EUR
  • over 10 nights - 42BGN/21EUR
  • over 20 nights - 40BGN/20.50 EUR
  • over 30 nights - 36BGN/18.50 EUR